After the Rain

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  1. pkuntz says:

    Nnedi Okorafor and John Jennings have created a graphic novel addressing spiritualism of Igbo in eastern Nigeria. Following a rain storm, Chioma comes in contact with a young boy who opens up a world of fantasy. Chioma struggles with the spirits both physically and mentally. Her grandmother and great aunt cannot protect her although they recognize what is happening to her. She struggles with multiple situations such as amputation, fire, sculls, monsters and lizards. She fights to protect herself against all odds. Her experience is similar to a traditional rite of passage where an individual is tested by society. In the United States, she is a “cop.” She was tested numerous times. Upon her return home, she feels accepted in Nigeria and the United States and able to deal with each societies threats. Even though she is an adult, she has much to learn about herself and her ancestors.

    The choice of colors and the images of the graphic lend themselves to the fantasy. Purple and red highlights the thunder storm and spookiness of the text. Some of the images are reminiscent of Igbo masks worn typically by disciplinarians. The shadows on the wall only emphasize the threat to her life. The end-pages contain various designs in black and white.


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