Bundle of Secrets : Savita Returns Home

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  1. Pavan Bengeri says:

    A heartwarming and informative story about a young girl. Savita, who travels back to her home in Kenya, after visiting her relatives in India. This book teaches a lot about both Indian and Kenyan culture with the help of Savita, Savita’s mom, and her best friend Njeri. It’s based on the Author, Dr. Mubina Hassanali Kirmani’s personal experience. I loved how Savita talks so fondly about her trip and educates, and entertains us at the same time. I love how the story walks you through all of the places that Savita visits and food she eats. This story gripped me and kept me reading until the end! At the end there are a few interactive questions about the book, making this a great read for teachers and young children.

    Rating: 5

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