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Obelisk at Aksum

Ancient and Medieval Ethiopian Architecture Gallery 

Obelisk at Aksum (Axum) / Lalibela /  Gondar: Emperor Fasilides,  Empress Mentewab,  Emperor Bakaffa,  Emperor Yohannes I / Harar Jugol Fortified Town / Jamia Mosque in Harar


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King Ezana 330-360 CE




Aksumite and Ethiopian Coin Gallery

Emperor Endubis / Emperor Wezaba / Emperor Aphilas / Emperor Ousana / Emperor Ezana /
Emperor Kaleb / Emperor Ioel / Emperor Arman / Emperor Menelik II / Empress Zawditu I /Emperor Haile Selassie


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Sankore, Timbuktu, Mali

Medieval West African Architecture Gallery

Sidi Yahya Mosque, Mali /  Djinguereber Mosque, Mali /  Gidan Rumfa, at Kano, Nigeria
Friday Mosque of Chinguetti, Mauritania /  Larabanga Mosque, Ghana /  Sankore Mosque, Mali


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‘Ubayd Allaˉh al-Mahdıˉ

Medieval Gold Gallery: West and North Africa

Dinars: Abu Bakr Ibn ‘Umar / Ubayd Allaˉh al-Mahdı  /
Akan Gold weights and scales


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Ethiopia, Church of Debra Berhan Selassie, Gondar

Horses in African Art Gallery 









Cities in Africa