The Royal Adventures of Princess Halima

The Royal Adventures of Princess Halima Book Cover The Royal Adventures of Princess Halima
Jainaba Fye, YaAdam Fye, Lucy Fye, Anna Fye,
Fiction / Elementary
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
December 18, 2016

Follow Princess Halima of the Kingdom of Affia located in ancient Western Sub-Saharan Africa, as she explores the beautiful country of Tanzania. Her adventure includes hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and a trip to Serengeti National Park.

The dialogue is heavy-handed and the story itself not relatable or realistic in its plot (a wealthy princess visits various African countries in a day’s time),yet it offers an interesting survey of various parts of Tanzanian culture and geography that may appeal to a variety of different interests and serve as a starting point for a lesson or discussion on various themes. As a work of literature, it is unremarkable. As a children’s book on Tanzania, it is without major flaws. I would recommend it without significant reservations.

Breeanna Elliott

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