Read Africa Challenge

Read Africa Challenge

Americans often have limited knowledge about Africa.  Accurate, balanced books can change and expand
what we know, think and feel about Africa.

Tell us how a book changed or expanded what you know about Africa.

The Challenge

  • Write a short essay about a book that changed or expanded what you know about Africa (see steps below).
  • Our Read Africa bibliographies list books evaluated and recommended by African Studies scholars. These books can help you broaden your knowledge about African countries, cities, communities, people and culture.

Who can participate?
Young people in grades 5-12


  • Choose a book to read from one of our Read Africa bibliographies.
  • Write an essay (at least 3 paragraphs) that describes the book and explains how the book has changed or expanded what you know about Africa.
  • Use examples from the book to make your points.
  • Type or write your essay. Pay attention to spelling and grammar.
  • Include your name and your parent/guardian’s signature & contact information.
  •  Upload your essay or mail your essay to:

Africa in the Classroom & Community
Center for African Studies, Howard University
2525 Georgia Ave., NW Room 414
Washington, DC 20059



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