John Robinson Statue (Tuskegee Airman)


Location: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“Colonel John Charles Robinson the Aviator was a black American who volunteered to help Ethiopia against fascist Italy’s invasion in 1935.

When European Imperialists were dividing Africa among themselves in the 19th hundreds, Fascist Italy wanted a piece of Africa. Italy went for the oldest independent country on earth, Ethiopia. It wasn’t the first time the Italians tried to invade Ethiopia. Italy had tried to invade Ethiopia more than five times from 1887 to 1896 in the battles of Dogali, Amba-Alaje, Mekelle and they were defeated in Adwa in 1896. Almost 40 years after the humiliating defeat in Adwa the Italians wanted to try one more time in 1935.

When news reached Emperor Haile Selassie about Colonel John Charles Robinson’s desire to come to Ethiopia to fight the Italians, the Emperor officially invited him to Ethiopia. Colonel John Charles Robinson contributed by directly taking part in missions against the fascist forces, in training Ethiopian air force pilots, reconnaissance mission, and by transporting soldiers and supplies to the war front. …”

Contributed by: Africa Access

Photo credit: Trigraionline