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My Father’s Shop
Students will:

  • Identify the center of a rectangle, basic shapes and recognize repeating patterns of basic shapes.
  • Identify colors in nature that correspond to colors in art objects.
  • Create a replicate of a Moroccan rug.


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Rise of The Golden Cobra
Students will be able to:

  • Describe Piankhy (aka Piye) as the king of Kush and the first important pharaoh of Egypt’s 25th dynasty.
  • Describe King Piankhy as a defender of maat (the Egyptian principle which emphasized honor, fairness, truth, righteousness, and justice).
  • Identify King Piankhy’s Victory Stele/Stela as a primary source of information about him.
  • Define a stele (or stela) as an upright stone or wooden slab, built as a memorial to the dead or to commemorate a living person. Information about the person is inscribed on the surface of the slab (in bas-relief, sunken-relief, high-relief, etc), or painted onto the memorial.
  • Create a stele that commemorates a person whose actions exemplify maat.


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Seeds of Change
Students will be able to:

  • Identify trees as natural resources that contribute to healthy ecosystems and food security.
  • Explain how an indigenous ‘culture of conservation’ in Kenya promoted healthy ecosystems and food security.
  • Explain how cash-cropping caused deforestation and food insecurity in Kenya.
  • Explain how Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement empowered women, reversed deforestation, and increased food security.
  • Investigate environmental problems in their own communities.


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I Lost My Tooth in Africa
Students will:

  • Learn how people in different countries celebrate the loss of a childís tooth.
  • Learn about aspects of life in Mali, West Africa.
  • Play the “Where’s Amina’s Chicken” game.


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Trouble in Timbuktu: Let’s Preserve a Memory
Students will be able to:

  • Describe ancient Timbuktu and its importance in Islam’s academic history.
  • Discuss the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu, regarding the wide variety of topics and the attention to detail in producing them.
  • Adopt the role of family, community or cultural historian and record something the student deems important.
  • Create a document in the style of ancient manuscripts and preserve it using modern techniques.