Fasilides’ Castle


Painting of Fasilidas’ Castle   Photo credit: Africa Access

Paintings and photographs of the castle of Emperor Fasilidas at Gondar, Ethiopia can be found in many local restaurants in Washington, DC. In 1636 King Fasilides founded Gondar, declared it Ethiopia’s  capital, and commissioned its first palace. Fasilides’ Castle. National Parks Worldwide

Fasilidas (? – October 18, 1667) reigned as emperor of Ethiopia from 1632-67. He worked to return the state to the faith of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which had been replaced by Catholicism for a time in the reign of Susneyos (q.v.) [reigned 1607-32], expelled the Jesuit priests, sought closer links with Muslim powers, and moved the imperial capital to Gondar. https://dacb.org/stories/ethiopia/fasilidas/


Fasilides’ Castle, Gondar   Photo credit: Wikimedia,  Bernard Gagnon – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,