Angola, New York

Angola, New York Angola, Southern Africa

Location: Evans in Erie County, New York,

“The community [of Angola] was previously called “Evans Station.” Around 1854 or 1855, a post office was established there, bearing the name “Angola”. The first postmaster was John H. Andrus, who later became county clerk. The new name was apparently chosen because, at that time, local residents (primarily Quakers) were supporting missionary efforts in the Portuguese colony of Angola in Africa. The economy of the village improved with the arrival of a railroad line in 1852.” Wikipedia

Angola, Southern Africa

“The civilization the Africans left behind [in Angola] was highly developed and included rural villages, small towns and large urban centers. This area was rich in natural resources including a variety of tropical trees, wild game and fish, and assorted minerals such as silver and copper. The kingdom of Ndongo and the neighboring kingdom of Kongo were ruled by kings, but the villages were self-governing following local customs and legal traditions. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to explore and trade with the[local] populations…” History is Fun 


Photo Credits: Village of Angola, Flickr
Map of Angola, Wikicommons