Timbuktu Restaurant

Location: 1726 Dorsey Road, Hanover.MD

The Timbuktu Restaurant echoes the name of the medieval city of Timbuktu in Mali, West Africa.

Timbuktu is the home “of the prestigious Koranic Sankore University and other madrasas. Timbuktu was an intellectual and spiritual capital and a centre for the propagation of Islam throughout Africa in the 15th and 16th centuries. Its three great mosques, Djingareyber, Sankore and Sidi Yahia, recall Timbuktu’s golden age. Although continuously restored, these monuments are today under threat from desertification. (UNESCO World Heritage List).”

Djingareyber Mosque, Timbuktu

Sankore Mosque, Timbuktu

Sidi Yahia Mosque, Timbuktu


Trouble in Timbuktu by Cristina Kessler

The Hidden Treasure of Timbuktu : Historic City of Islamic Africa by John O. Hunwick
The Meanings of Timbuktu by Shamil Jeppie; Souleymane Bachir Diagne

The Manuscripts of Timbuktu by Zola Maseko

Photo Credit: Djingareiber. WikiCommons:  KaTeznik / Unesco.org