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Location: 8305 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910

Langano Ethiopian Restaurant bears the name of a lake in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia about 120 miles from Addis Ababa.

“Lake Langano is a good three hours (250km) drive south from Addis Ababa. The lake is one of a series running south down the Ethiopian Rift Valley and then on into Kenya.

Bordering the eastern shore of Lake Langano is East Langano Nature Reserve, a beautiful lakeside forest and home to a variety of birds and mammals, including warthogs, baboons and the occasional hippo. The area is a delight to explore on foot or on horseback.

The forests are mainly podocarpus and wild fig trees, full of Colobus Monkeys and over 300 species of birds, 7 of which are endemic to Ethiopia. There are also numerous wild mammals recorded, although in low populations due to seasonal traditional hunting of the forest by local communities” .


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Abyssinian Ground-hornbill
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