Dessie Ethiopian Restaurant and Market   Photo credit: Africa Access

Location:  2655 University Blvd W. Wheaton, MD 20902

Dessie Ethiopian Restaurant and Market is named for a city in north central Ethiopia.

Dese, also spelled Dessye or Dessie, town, central Ethiopia, situated on the western escarpment of the Great Rift Valley at an elevation of 7,500 feet (2,300 metres). Dese (Amharic: “My Joy”) is a commercial and communications centre, 16 miles (25 km) northwest of Kembolcha, which is at the junction of roads to Addis Ababa and Asmara and Asseb in Eritrea. Dese is a long-established market for grains, oilseeds, hides, skins, honey, and beeswax and a distribution centre for imported goods. It also has artisan industries and flour mills. Pop. (2007 prelim.) 120,029.”


Photo credit: Wikicommons