African Heritage Crops

Kiwano melon

Mubura (Pumpkin leaves)
Photo :
Tsunga (Mustard greens)

Dodo Farms
Photo: Crossroads

Farmer Olaniyi Balogun & Tope Fajingbesi Photo: Crossroads

Farmer Tanya Spandla        Photo: VOA




Location:  Dodo Farms 21901 New Hampshire Avenue Brookeville, MD 20833

New to the country, veterans of the land

Olaniyi Balogun, originally from Nigeria grows crops including some from his home country on his farm in Brookeville, MD. He grows a type of spinach often used in Ni­ger­ian stews but not easily found in this country. Washington Post January 22, 2020

Zimbabwean Woman Supplying Traditional Foods to Africans in USA

“Tanya Spandla, a Zimbabwean woman based in Germantown, Maryland, United States, is taking care of Zimbabweans’ huge appetite for traditional foods.​ Spandla says she got her green fingers from her parents who imparted her the passion to grow vegetables. She has now used those skills to venture into a lucrative business. Spandla says she is now catering for Zimbabweans and other Africans who enjoy organic vegetables from home like muboora or pumpkin leaves and others.” Voice of America Zimbabwe 


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