Buna Ethiopian Market

Location: 1034 S. Fairfax Los Angeles, CA 90019

Buna Ethiopian Market takes its name from buna the word for coffee in Amharic.  In Ethiopia, the coffee ceremony is an important part of community life. As people share coffee, they discuss politics, news, and tell stories. Visitors are always welcomed with a coffee ceremony. Nu buna tetu (new boo-nah  teh-too) people say in Amharic which means “Come and drink coffee.” It is impolite to leave before you drink at least three cups of coffee. The first round of coffee is called the abol buna, the second round is the tona buna, and the third is the baraka buna. Although children do not drink coffee, they often serve the first cup to an adult. According to legend, coffee was discovered by a goat herder, high in the mountains of Ethiopia.