Banadir Somali

Photo: Abu-Ibrahim Almoallem

Location: 137 W Arbor Vitae St, Inglewood, CA 90301

Banadir Somali Restaurant contains the name of the Somali people of the Horn of Africa.

“Somali, people of Africa occupying all of Somalia, a strip of Djibouti, the southern Ethiopian region of Ogaden, and part of northwestern Kenya. Except for the arid coastal area in the north, the Somalis occupy true nomad regions of plains, coarse grass, and streams. They speak a language of the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic (formerly Hamito-Semitic) family (”

MogadishuSomalia … capital, largest city, and a major port of Somalia, located just north of the Equator on the Indian Ocean. One of the earliest Arab settlements on the East African coast, its origins date to the 10th century. It declined in the 16th century after a period of extensive trade with the Arab states, but it had commercial relations with the Portuguese and the imams of Muscat before coming under the control of the sultan of Zanzibar in 1871″

Photo: Somali Museum

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ocha

Photo: Mogadishu by Aliducaale
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