Photo credit: The Child’s Primary School

Location: 4155 University Ave, San Diego, CA

The Asmara Eritrean Restaurant  is named for Eritrea’s capital city. Built [over 700 years ago] on the site of an ancient village called Arbate Asmara,’ the late 19th century Italian colonizers chose it as their central location.

Asmara has a a population of 649,000. It is an Italian built colonial city.Most of Asmara was built between 1935 and 1941 by the Italians. They almost built a whole city in six years. The city is divided into 13 districts. It is one of the cleanest cities on the continent. Asmara is also known for its peacefulness and crime free environment. Temperatures are warm in the summer with mild winters. Asmara usually gets 20 inches of rain per year. December and February are the driest months with only .31 inches of rain.

Contributed by: The Child’s Primary School, San Diego