Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu

Location: Manchester Parrish, Jamaica

“Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu, lived on the coffee estate of Spice Grove in the mountains of Manchester Parish, west of Mandeville. Spice Grove and hence the author were owned initially by Robert Peart (d. 1797) and then by his children, Edward and John Peart. Kaba lived there from the time of his arrival in Jamaica as a slave in 1777 until his death in 1845. Initially, he was known as Dick, but in early 1813, Kaba was baptised under the Christian name of his deceased master, Robert Peart, and accepted into the Moravian Mission Church at nearby Carmel. At the time, Kab ̄a technically belonged to John Robinson, apparently married to the daughter or widow of Robert Peart, and the fact that Kaba consciously chose the name of his deceased master was probably significant, although why is not clear”.


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