Scottish Rite Temple,
Washington DC
Sphinx of Amenemhat III, Tanis, Egypt Great Sphinx,
Giza, Egypt
Sphinx of Taharqa
Kawa Sudan


The Sphinxes flanking the front entrance to the House of the Temple at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington DC are adorned with inscriptions in both Phoenician characters and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

“A sphinx is a mythical creature with the body of a lion, most often with a human head and sometimes with wings. The creature was an Egyptian invention and had a male head – human or animal; however, in ancient Greek culture the creature had the head of a woman. The sphinx is also present in the art and sculpture of the Mycenaean, Assyrian, Persian and Phoenician civilizations.

Sphinxes were first created by the Egyptians and usually wore a nemes (head-dress) as worn by Pharaohs. Examples exist of sphinxes with human faces but surrounded by a lion’s mane, particularly from Nubia, and in the New Kingdom the head was sometimes that of a ram and representative of Amun…”http://www.ancient.eu/sphinx/


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