Ethiopian Rulers

Meaza Restaurant   Photo credits: Africa Access

Location: 5700 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

Emperor Tewodros II

Emperor Yohannes IV

Emperor Menelik II

Empress Taitu (Taytu)

Emperor Haile Selassie

Photo credits: Africa Access

The walls of Meaza Restaurant in Falls Church contain murals of Ethiopia rulers including Emperor Tewodros II, Emperor Yohannes IV,  Emperor Menelik I, Empress Taitu, and Haile Selassie. Under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu, Ethiopians defeated the Italians in 1896 at the Battle of Adwa. In the late 1930s, Ethiopians under the rule of Haile Selassie, fought the Italians again — this time with the help of African Americans, including John Robinson. A bust of Robinson can be found in Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa. Robinson would later be called the Father of the Tuskegee Airmen.

John Robinson   Photo credit:  Tigrai Online